Second Edition of Entrepreneurial Freedom: How to Start and Grow A Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice RELEASED at 20% off!

We are pleased to announce that the Second Edition of Entrepreneurial Freedom: How to Start and Grow a Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice –paperback, as well as, the Companion Workbook have been released.

“When the First Edition was released in 2005, Social Media was just beginning to come on the scene and taking shape as a viable and reasonably priced option for marketing a small business, like a VA practice, said Jeannine Clontz, Co-Author. That, plus a host of new and improved options for running a home-based business had come of age and caused us to believe the timing was right to expand the book into these important areas.”

To kick-start sales of the Second Edition, authors Clontz and Hidden are offering a 20% discount for all paperback sales of the book and companion workbook.

Get your copies here:
Entrepreneurial Freedom – Paperback –
Discount code: J7S85URA

Entrepreneurial Freedom – Companion Workbook –
Discount Code: J7S85URA

COMING SOON! In the next few weeks we will be releasing an eBook and Kindle version of Entrepreneurial Freedom – stay tuned! 😉

Business Essentials For a Virtual Assistance Practice – a 10-week in-depth training program!

If you’re just getting your business started, or frustrated with the slow growth you’re experiencing, let Entrepreneurial Freedom help grow your business in the right direction.

Our next training class utilizing the book and workbook will begin on October 20th and end December 29th (We will not meet on Thanksgiving Day) – find out more and reserve your spot at: Please note, the cost of your book and workbook for the class are included in the price of the program.

Are you ready to take the plunge?
Are you ready to create the business of your dreams?
Read on…

The Business Essentials for a Virtual Assistance Practice program, is a ten-week course (60-90-minutes per week) designed to take you step-by-step through the process of starting or growing your VA practice. Utilizing the companion workbook, you’ll quickly see how it will allow you to formulate your ideas, plans, and dreams.

Beyond the scope of knowledge covered in each Chapter, you’ll also have access to the results of our VA survey, sample documents and contracts. Everything you’ll need to get your small business off the ground and growing in the right direction.
Each week we will go in-depth covering all the information in each Chapter, assist you in developing your workbooks, and there will even be two sessions completely devoted to Q&A.

Here’s what I Promise You This WILL Be

This is a hands-on, no-pitch, “Get ‘er Done” Program
This is going to be a very different kind of program than you may be accustomed to. It’s going to be “all Jeannine, all the time.” There will NOT be a parade of people trying to sell you piles of stuff. This is NOT a case where the program is a ‘come on’ so you’ll buy something else. It’s going to be high-content, focused content, where you’ll get everything you need to get your business going and get out of your own way in getting there.

This program is geared ONLY toward entrepreneurs and solopreneurs working together, laughing together and growing together. I will help you create breakthroughs and teach you how to setup and grow a profitable VA practice while you will create amazing relationships and networking opportunities that will help build your confidence and build a business where you can make more money and have more time off to enjoy it all.

Because isn’t that what this is all about? Isn’t that WHY you want to be, or are in business for yourself? If you don’t see a way to have money, time and freedom right now, you may as well go back and get a corporate job.

Find out more and sign-up TODAY!

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