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New Book Helps People Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom
Virtual Businesses Provide an Ideal Solution for Personal and Financial Growth

Arnold, MO and New Cumberland, PA (October 2006)—-According to a recent study by the Key Group, one in five workers will change jobs this year to establish a better work-life balance. But what if this new job turns out to be no more flexible than the old one? Instead of jumping from job to job in search of that elusive balance, many people are turning to home-based businesses.

But finding a business that is profitable, legitimate, and easily home-based is often challenging. Since the late 1990’s, virtual businesses have been rising in popularity among those who have the technical skills and business know-how to serve their customers from their home. Many services can be provided virtually, including: administrative support, bookkeeping, graphic design, writing services, association management, meeting planning, and many others. Solopreneur virtual business owners often call themselves virtual assistants, or VAs. While many new VAs are already experienced with the services they’ll be providing their clients, they find it overwhelming to learn how to set up and grow their business.

In their new “how to” book, Entrepreneurial Freedom: How to Start and Grow a Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice (Biz-E Press, $19.95, ISBN 0-9785941-0-X), veteran VAs Jeannine Clontz and Lauren Hidden take the mystery out of starting and growing a virtual business by taking readers through all the steps they need to have a profitable, enjoyable business that is flexible enough to meet their personal needs. Co-author Lauren Hidden says. “For most, the hardest part of being a VA isn’t doing the actual client work – it’s learning how to write a business plan, how to use contracts, how to set rates, and how to manage your time and family when you’re working from home.”

The topics covered in Entrepreneurial Freedom apply to any virtual business. Some sample topics include: branding, networking, handling difficult clients, marketing, balancing work and family, determining start-up costs, and evaluating opportunities for growth. In addition to the authors’ expertise on these topics, more than twenty professional virtual business owners in different specialties and stages of business were surveyed. Their quotes are sprinkled throughout the book to give readers personal insight from a variety of perspectives.

Also included are links to Internet-based resources, sample forms and contracts, time-keeping examples, and business plans. Co-author Jeannine Clontz adds, “Whether they’re new VAs, or seasoned veterans, most could benefit from examples of what a contract should cover, how to manage and track their time on task, and what other paperwork they need to run a business. The information and resources provided in the book will allow new VAs to significantly shorten their learning curve, while providing more seasoned entrepreneurs new ideas and options to rework and gain focus on their business needs.”

Jeannine Clontz has owned her own successful business for eight years and has a passion for business ethics. Clontz served as the President of the International Virtual Assistants Association ( while writing this book. An avid volunteer and mentor, Clontz has received numerous awards over the past five years and holds many industry-specific certifications and designations.

Lauren Hidden has provided editorial services virtually since 2000. Hidden’s first co-authored book, Write It Right: The Ground Rules for Self-Editing Like the Pros, helps writers of all skill levels overcome their writing challenges. Hidden is a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association and the Delaware Valley Virtual Assistants Association.

For more information, to purchase a copy, or schedule an interview with the authors, please visit, e-mail, or call 888-547-6392.

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