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What’s Holding Back Your Success? NO EXCUSES!

No ExcusesI think I may have heard or said them all to myself, those nagging excuses we come up with to avoid what’s really going on. The economy’s too bad, my dad liked my sister better, I was not able to go to college, or I’m just not able to sell myself.

Whatever encompasses your list of excuses, get over it! There’s no place in a successful business for excuses, especially from the ownership/management level. Try to figure out what went wrong and the best way to fix it; then move on. Especially if your business includes a team of VAs or sub-contractors, having excuses will infect the entire team and could jeopardize your ability to move forward.

I remember early in my business that I had the cleanest house on the block. Every time I was at the point where I had to do something that I wasn’t comfortable with, like cold calling, or attending a Chamber meeting, I would find some really dirty windows, or something that needed to be sewn or washed; anything to give myself permission to not do something that was a little ‘outside the box’ for me.

This may surprise you for any of you who know that I have a background in sales, but I struggled in closing sales when the product I was selling was me. I didn’t have any problems in selling a product or service that someone else was paying me to sell, I had some difficulty when the product was me, or my service.

I have found that women struggle the most with this because we are prone to satisfy and support everyone else. Turning the tables and trying to support and encourage ourselves is a whole new concept, one that you’ll need to deal with pretty quickly if you want your business to grow.

Look at it this way – in order for me to help and serve my clients (which is usually what our business is all about – helping someone else solve a problem), I have to be willing to communicate to them how I am the best option for their need, and what solutions I have to solve their problems.

Instead of thinking that you have to ‘sell yourself and your services’, think of it as educating them on the best way to solve their problems in the least amount of time, with the latest technology, and by making an investment in themselves and their business.

You have to be willing to do things that are outside of your normal comfort zone. If this was easy, everybody would be doing it. To succeed in business you have to be self-motivated and immune to any criticism.

So write down all those excuses that have been holding you back and draw a big black line through them. Crumble the piece of paper up and throw it away – and with it, your need to use those excuses to hold back your business progress.

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What’s Holding Back Your Virtual Assistant Success – Pull the Trigger

I’ve been a mentor to start-up and established VAs for about 8-years, and even more after writing our ‘how to’ book. What I’ve learned from all these relationships is something very simple. Everyone had very good skills, but many of them didn’t have the knowledge or information they needed in order to establish a solid, ethical business.

The one thing they all had in common, at least those who became successful, was what I call an entrepreneurial mindset. They had good self-esteem, and a passion to work hard to build a profitable business. Like me, when they started their adventure, they may not have had these skills or the drive to take the time to learn and develop the mindset, but somewhere along the line, they were inspired, or they inspired themselves to go the extra mile and change their attitudes and ultimately create the mindset that helped them to build successful Virtual Assistance practices. I hope this information will do the same for you.

So let’s look at one of the things that may be holding back your business success.

Pull the Trigger

Before I started my business we were looking for something for my husband to do from home. Ten years ago when he got laid off yet another restaurant job, we decided to send him back to school and let him start his own home-based business.

Although he gave it two years and tried really hard, we learned that it was just not for him. He just didn’t have the focus and self-motivation to make a go of it. For him, the biggest challenge was pulling the trigger. He could do all the research, could put together all the details needed to make a decision, but could never make the decision that would move the business forward. He just had too much fear about making a mistake. Ultimately, he let himself get so frustrated; he did make several mistakes that caused him to realize he was not enjoying anything about his business. He transitioned back into the corporate world and is much happier in what he’s doing. It doesn’t mean he’s a failure, it doesn’t mean he can’t be successful, it simply means having his own business, and this particular type of business, was not a good fit for him.

Let me start by saying this is not easy. There’s no immediate success without very hard work. You have to really want this, and want it badly. So many people tell me that they’re going to give this a try, and if it doesn’t work they’ll go back to working in the corporate world.

To me, that’s a pretty good indication that this is not for you. You will have problems being decisive and making good long-term decisions if you’ve got an idea that things may not work and you have an out. You have to be totally committed to doing what’s necessary to make your business work.

Many people are attracted to a home-based business model so they can stay home with children. Understand if this is going to work, you’re going to have to initially make some sacrifices. You may have to miss some dance recitals or hockey practices, and you will need the full support of a spouse or significant other, and hopefully your family and friends.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, if you want to make a good income and eventually have more time for family and fun, you will have to start by making some hard decisions about what you’ll need to do to succeed.

This will be your business and you’ll make all the decisions. If you’re looking for someone to bring you or give you business, or you just aren’t willing to do anything outside your comfort zone, stay in the corporate world.

Having a business means no excuses, and no complaints. Either you have the drive and motivation or you don’t.

So make the decision now to take the steps to start your business with the knowledge that you will need to immerse yourself into making this a top priority, and doing things that may now be ‘outside the box’ for you. I’m not saying you have to do everything day one, but you have to be willing to open your heart and mind to the possibility that there are opportunities available to you, if you only try.

If you’ve been established in your business for a year or more, we can sometimes get complacent and feel that there’s nowhere else for our business to go. Take a step back, talk to other successful VAs and change something to take your business where you may not have considered going. Try a new marketing plan; put together a system to reach past clients as well as prospective clients. Drag yourself away from something that’s taking too much of your time and not producing results, and ‘pull the trigger’ on something new.

Jeannine Clontz, provides professional business coaching to established and start-up virtual assistants (VA’s). Download her FREE report “A Fresh Look at Time Management for Virtual Assistants”, request her FREE audio CD “What’s Holding Back My Business Success?”, or consider her online course “Business Essentials For a Virtual Assistance Practice” at,; or contact her at:

Taking the Book One Step Further

Greetings everyone – been a while since either Lauran or I have added to this website. We’re both very business with our VA practices and volunteering within the industry.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update about the book. We have established the book and workbook in several community colleges in the Continental US, and are working on several more. If you have a Communitiy College in your area that’s looking to add this to their curriculum, don’t keep us a secret. In fact, other VAs have taken the book to their Community College and are teaching the class – extra income, and helps to build your expertise. :)

This past January, after several years of coaching and mentoring, I started a Virtual Assistance Coaching business. It has been very well received. I now offer three ways to assist start-up, or established VAs support and growth for their businesses.

One-on-One Coaching – an intensive 12-week program that focuses on your specific needs and helps you to re-invent yourself and/or your business, or take it to where you always dreamed it could go – for more, click here!

Group Coaching – for the established VA, working full-time, this group coaching model connects VAs to experts each month on topics that will help them to increase their success and grow a profitable business. They get the monthly sessions via CD along with a verbatim transcript so they can check back whenever they need to move forward. There’s also a Q&A segment or group discussion after the presentation, and I provide homework to continue to keep you accountable for making your business prosper. Members also get an opportunity to speak with me one-on-one on a designated date/time. More here!

Business Essentials for a Virtual Assistance Practice – this is the program I developed to teach at the St. Louis Community Colleges. It utilizes the book and workbook and over a 10-week program will take start-ups and those who are looking to take their business to the next level, a step-by-step process to establishiing or growing their practice. This teleclass offers several 90-minute sessions just for questions, and has lots of bonuses (over $1,050 in value) for those completing the program. Find out more here!

Overall, this has been a very active 2009 for me, and I see the climate for VAs growing and growing. Now is the best time for you to consider starting or growing a Virtual Assistance (VA) practice. The economy has allowed us to come to the forefront as a viable option for small, medium, and large businesses. Enjoy the ride!