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Taking the Book One Step Further

Greetings everyone – been a while since either Lauran or I have added to this website. We’re both very business with our VA practices and volunteering within the industry.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update about the book. We have established the book and workbook in several community colleges in the Continental US, and are working on several more. If you have a Communitiy College in your area that’s looking to add this to their curriculum, don’t keep us a secret. In fact, other VAs have taken the book to their Community College and are teaching the class – extra income, and helps to build your expertise. :)

This past January, after several years of coaching and mentoring, I started a Virtual Assistance Coaching business. It has been very well received. I now offer three ways to assist start-up, or established VAs support and growth for their businesses.

One-on-One Coaching – an intensive 12-week program that focuses on your specific needs and helps you to re-invent yourself and/or your business, or take it to where you always dreamed it could go – for more, click here!

Group Coaching – for the established VA, working full-time, this group coaching model connects VAs to experts each month on topics that will help them to increase their success and grow a profitable business. They get the monthly sessions via CD along with a verbatim transcript so they can check back whenever they need to move forward. There’s also a Q&A segment or group discussion after the presentation, and I provide homework to continue to keep you accountable for making your business prosper. Members also get an opportunity to speak with me one-on-one on a designated date/time. More here!

Business Essentials for a Virtual Assistance Practice – this is the program I developed to teach at the St. Louis Community Colleges. It utilizes the book and workbook and over a 10-week program will take start-ups and those who are looking to take their business to the next level, a step-by-step process to establishiing or growing their practice. This teleclass offers several 90-minute sessions just for questions, and has lots of bonuses (over $1,050 in value) for those completing the program. Find out more here!

Overall, this has been a very active 2009 for me, and I see the climate for VAs growing and growing. Now is the best time for you to consider starting or growing a Virtual Assistance (VA) practice. The economy has allowed us to come to the forefront as a viable option for small, medium, and large businesses. Enjoy the ride!